Art Therapy for Adults in North Kensington.

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Drop in group Art Therapy sessions for adults, all welcome.

Every Tuesday

6-8pm, 12 sep to 19 dec 2017
Every Wednesday

10am-12pm, 13 sep to 20 dec 2017

11am-3pm, 16 sep, 7 oct, 28 oct, 4 nov, 18 nov, 2 dec, 16 dec 2017
ACAVA, 54 Blechynden Street, W10 6RJ
Individual sessions are available on request by appointment.
All Art Psychotherapists in the team are fully qualified at MA level, HCPC (Health Care Professional Council) registered, and DBS checked.
ACAVA is working in partnership with a team of fully qualified State Registered Art Psychotherapists to provide group and individual art therapy sessions for adults at our Blechynden St community art studio. ACAVA has a long history of providing arts for mental health projects through our Artspace Programme in partnership with NHS services, these on-going projects focus on the therapeutic benefits of being creative outside of a clinical setting. These new, formal Art Therapy sessions for adults are part of our response to the Grenfell Fire, ensuring ACAVA’s facilities and expertise are best used to support the north Kensington community.
Art Therapy is a psychological therapy that uses art media as its primary form of communication. It is not dependent on spoken language and can therefore help anyone who finds it hard to express their thoughts and feelings verbally to find a way to communicate their difficult emotions. This can be very helpful in the healing process following a traumatic event such as the Grenfell Tower fire. The sessions provide a private, confidential and non-judgmental space in which people can safely explore their experiences. No previous knowledge or expertise in art is required. 
The service at ACAVA is part of Latimer Community Art Therapy (LCAT), this provision evolved following an immediate response to the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. Art Therapy has since been set up across the borough by Susan Rudnik a local resident and Art Psychotherapist this support has focused on children, adolescents and families.
Elaine Zaple Gulliver has developed the Adult Art Therapy provision of LCAT; she lives in the borough and has worked as an Art Psychotherapist in North Kensington for many years. The service is community led and networked with other services to ensure safe and consistent delivery. The use of art to contain the things so hard to make sense of has been of fundamental importance to the community throughout.
All the Art Psychotherapists in the team are fully qualified at MA level, HCPC (Health Care Professional Council) registered, and DBS vetted.
Sessions at ACAVA can be accessed by drop in or referral and individual work can be set up as needed. Adult Referrals can be made by individuals, carers or professionals. 
For further information or referrals on Adult art therapy services available contact: 
Elaine Gulliver
For further information on other art therapy services available contact: 
Susan Rudnik
07932 054 834