Studio 13 Residency

North Kensington
Programme participant sitting on a chair and smiling.
Jack Rooney. Studio 13 Residency. North Kensington, London. Photographed on behalf of ACAVA by Andreia Sofia Photography.
Our Studio 13 Residency is a career development opportunity for an artist who considers social engagement as integral to their studio practice. The artist-in-residence will receive six-months rent-free studio space, training opportunities and peer-to-peer support.

About the opportunity

This residency is a pilot six-month career development opportunity for artists from minority backgrounds based in London.

In lieu of an artist fee, the residency offers a range of opportunities with a cash value of at least £3,500.
The artist will have the opportunity to develop their studio practise while gaining facilitation experience by delivering co-created workshops to a small group of 6-8 young people as part of our Young Artists programme. Other CPD training will be offered depending on the artist’s individual needs.

Current Resident

Jack Rooney

J.D Rooney is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in London. His practice often stems from the complexities regarding feelings of dislocation, longing, and connection from both his Guyanese and Irish heritage; the double-conscious perspective of black and brown bodies in white spaces; and the hope for physical, economic, and political border crossings.

To find out more, read Jack’s Q&A with us here.


Applications are now closed.

"To be offered the space for 6-months would allow me to creatively exercise in ways that would otherwise be outside of my financial means."

Programme participant, London (Mar 2022)