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Studios FAQs

How can I get in touch about available studios?

If you have a question about available studios or would like to speak to the studio allocations manager, please email availablestudios (at) acava (dot) org

How do I get updates about new available studios?

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How do I apply for an available studio?
The first step in applying for a studio is to complete a studio enquiry form. When we have assessed the form, you will be invited to view the studio.
How quickly can I expect to receive a response?
We aim to respond to all enquiries within two working days.
How can I arrange a viewing?

Submit an enquiry for a vacant studio via our Studio Enquiry Form. At the discretion of our team, an appointment will be arranged for you to view the studio. No fees are required from you at this time. Prior to allocating studios, ACAVA staff will assess applications against our criteria and we often ask applicants to attend our offices for a meeting in person.

What are the studio application criteria?

We love having a diverse range of practices in our studios and we welcome applications from all kinds of artists and makers, creatives and creative businesses; such as painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, illustrators, filmmakers, fashion designers, theatre designers, graphic designers and more.

When we review your application, we’ll prioritise those that can demonstrate combinations of the following (please note this is an alphabetical list):

  • Artists working professionally
    Whether self-employed, employed, freelance; full or part-time.
  • Commitment to practice
    Regularly showing work, for example: taking part in exhibitions or other public-facing projects, technical skill, continued professional development.
  • Creative businesses
    We welcome applications from creative businesses and cultural enterprises.
  • Emerging practitioners
    We welcome applications from early-career artists.
  • Participation in the arts and/or creative sector
    For example, through open studios, exhibitions, education (of self or others).
  • Social engagement
    Having a socially engaged artistic practice or creative business, for example: working with the public as part of your practice, being involved with creative work in an education setting, delivering work in the public realm, running workshops, having an environmentally sustainable practice or ethos, having a charitable purpose or working with 3rd sector organisations.
  • Supporting the professional development of artists
    For example, through teaching, networking, facilitation or running workshops.
  • Underrepresented groups
    We welcome applications from creatives from all underrepresented groups, including but not limited to: artists of colour, LGBTQI+ artists, and artists with disabilities. We understand there are other underrepresented groups not listed here and we encourage applications from all who wish to apply.

Please note:
applicants will be shortlisted and invited to viewings based on the above criteria. The existing community of artists and types of creative practices in a studio building, alongside the local context, are also taken into consideration. The studio application criteria are regularly reviewed.

Who makes decisions on studio allocation?
ACAVA allocates studios based on published criteria and availability. Decisions are at the sole discretion of ACAVA staff. As we receive large numbers of applications for our studios, we are not able to discuss individual decisions with unsuccessful applicants.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, we require a deposit equal to two months' total monthly fees, plus a £50 key deposit for every single occupancy.
What does the license fee include?
The licence fee covers only your studio space. Utilities (e.g. electricity) and a monthly membership fee are extra. These charges are combined in a monthly direct debit.
Is there a joining fee?
If you are offered an ACAVA studio, you will be required to become a member of ACAVA before taking up the studio. There is a one-off £100 onboarding fee and an £8 monthly recurring membership fee, which is included in your studio licence fee. The one-off £100 onboarding fee also applies to people moving between ACAVA studios.
I was allocated a studio. When can I move in?

We aim for new joiners to start at the beginning of the month.

Is there an end date to my studio license?
Studio licenses are granted for a period of one year and are reviewed annually. ACAVA reviews studio licenses, based on the following expectations:
  • Studios should be used regularly (approximately 50% of the time)
  • Maintaining regular monthly licence fee payments
  • Make a positive contribution to the working harmony of your studio building
  • A meaningful contribution to the charitable purposes of ACAVA
Is it possible to license a studio for short term use?
Sometimes, yes. The minimum license on the studios is 3 months. We also have a couple of spaces available for hire per day/week in North Kensington, London. Visit the 'Work with us' section of this website to find out more.

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