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Useful information for artists and creative practitioners about funding, grants, residencies, fellowships, open calls, work opportunities and wellbeing.

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Last updated 4 July 2024. New entries will show **

Open Calls Ending Soon

Stay on this page to see an overview of resources for artists, including open calls, work opportunities and other useful links for creatives. If you want a summary of opportunities for artists ending soon, then visit this page.

Useful information for artists

Rebel Business School
Free two-week courses supporting people in self-employment and teaching them how to set up a business for free.

Digital Accessibility: Best Practice
The Space has published an overview of best accessibility practices when designing and delivering a digital art project.

Clear Water Creation: Free Access Support for Artists
Clear Water Creation offers free access support for artists living with disability, mental health conditions or neurodiversity, to complete Arts Council applications.

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Facilitator Training Course
VTS conversations guide people through a process of curious exploration, critical reflection and collective meaning-making. This evidence-based professional development programme is tailored towards fostering collaborative, inclusive, community-building dialogue. The course is particularly relevant for (arts) educators, but will also be of use to artists and therapists or anyone interested in developing their own critical thinking, visual literacy, and collaborative communication skills.

Arts Emergency: Become a mentor
Arts Emergency mentors support young people interested in the creative and cultural industries in taking their first steps out of college.

Artquest Salon → various dates
Online semi-independent artists’ forums with ongoing peer-to-peer feedback on your work and presentations by art world professionals.

Mobility Funding Guide to the United Kingdom
On the Move and Arts Infopoint UK have published ‘Mobility Funding Guide to the United Kingdom’ for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals.

V&A Youth Collective
The V&A Youth Collective is a group of young people ages 18-24, who help shape V&A events and content for young people, while gaining inspiring insights into creative careers, the museum sector and skills development opportunities.

Dolbryn creative retreats
The Dolbryn Creative Retreats Programme takes the form of a two-day residential retreat, which offers thinking opportunities aimed specifically at artists, cultural leaders and managers. Retreats starts from £300 per person.

Craft Hub’s Practitioner Gallery
Craft Hub’s Practitioner Gallery showcases the work of professional craft practitioners from across Europe. The gallery gives a glimpse into the working practice, motivation and passions that drive craft makers. If you’re a maker and would like to apply for a profile use the link to the form below.

Reads DACS advice for creatives on what you need to know before signing a contract.

Easy-read sample artist contracts
a contract for artists that was accessible, easy to read, and free of jargon.

(Team) Work in Practice
Jerwood Arts launched (Team) Work in Practice, a free toolkit and workshops programme to drive socio-economic inclusivity in the arts.

Create South East
Create South East helps creative businesses develop the skills to secure investment and grow. It is tailored to the needs of different creative disciplines, their respective markets, governance and distribution models.

MAMA Youth Training
MAMA Youth offers a series of training programmes throughout the year that equip young people with the skills to become work ready and gain employment within the broadcast and media industries.

Arts & Health Hub Peer Groups Sessions
The group is open to artists from all backgrounds and experiences and is a place to share thoughts, ideas and works in a non-judgemental and open environment. The group is inclusive, built on the notion of sharing, not competing.

How to write & illustrate a children’s picture book → various courses
Learn how to bring new worlds to life on the page as you create stories and characters that capture the imaginations and hearts of young readers.

i-Portunus: International programme for Artists, creators and cultural professionals
i-Portunus is a scheme funded by the European Commission that supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals, implemented by consortia of cultural organisations. It funds short-term mobilities for individuals to go abroad or for hosts to attract international talent.

Artadmin Creative Support Sessions
Artsadmin offers a unique and free one-to-one support service to UK-based artists working in contemporary performance, at any stage of their career

Lakeside darkroom: Female Technician Training
Lakeside darkroom offers affordable training for female photography technicians.

Lakeside darkroom: Saturday photography affordable workshops
Lakeside darkroom offers affordable film processing, printing and technical advice workshops on Saturdays.

The Design Museum: Entrepreneurs Hub
A programme to help emerging entrepreneurs develop and grow their ideas into viable, sustainable businesses. Join free online introductory sessions open to all aspiring designers.

Mother House Studios
Mother House Studios’ new site in Catford is seeking new artists who self-identify as women or queer. The space is open every day with the option of integrated childcare provision three days a week.

Craft Toolkit
Whether you’re a craft maker, artisan, designer or someone who works with them, Craft Toolkit can help you to plan for the future and grow your business.
Through simple bitesize exercises, you can learn all of these skills and begin your own business plan.

Auto Italia Virtual Reality Workshops for young people

The Artist Support Centre
The Artist Support Centre guides artists on their path into the creative working world.

The Supporting Act Foundation
The Supporting Act Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation which provides grants and bursaries to artists at the beginning of their careers, with a particular focus on marginalised groups and community-centred initiatives.

Artsadmin: Creative Support Sessions → ongoing
Artsadmin offers a unique and free one-to-one support service to UK-based artists working in contemporary performance, at any stage of their career

Crafts Council: How to price your work
Pricing your work properly will ensure that you can make a viable living from your practice. Crafts Council provides a simple formula for pricing your work and explains all of the factors to consider when doing so.

New artists’ surgeries at Shubbak
Shubbak are inviting Arab/SWANA artists and creatives working in the UK, the Arab region or internationally to meet the organisations’ joint CEO Alia Alzougbi for 30-minute-long surgeries.

Gallery Climate Coalition
The goal of GCC is to facilitate the decarbonisation of the visual art sector and promote zero-waste practices.

Hereford College of Arts BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts course
Hereford College of Arts BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts course blends new design principles and an innovative approach to process, together with material knowledge and craft skills developed through hands-on making: rich and varied range of subjects including cultural, ethical and environmental issues.

Kew’s Youth Forum is looking for some new members for 2022
The Youth Forum is a group of young people who meet every month to create and run bespoke learning events and campaigns for Kew. They work with scientists, artists and learning specialists to create activities and events to engage diverse audiences in Kew’s collections and scientific work. It is completely free to join. We can reimburse for travel and provide drinks and snacks during the session.

ARC Getaways → rolling
ARC Getaways can be used for research and development processes, rehearsals, writing or thinking time.

Arts Council England
Arts Council England is a government-funded body dedicated to promoting the performing, visual and literary arts in England. Since 1994, Arts Council England has been responsible for distributing lottery funding. This investment has helped to transform the building stock of arts organisations and to create much additional high-quality arts activity.

Artquest Outpost Online → ongoing
Free one-to-one remote advice sessions for London based artists from Artquest staff and freelance artist-career specialists.

Access Support
Sara Dziadik (artist, producer, Access Support Worker) is offering advice and access support on funding applications. Email for more information.

Derbyshire Artist Resident Program
DARP is an open system for living and practising together, welcoming practitioners from all walks of life with a need to develop their practice in an environment that encourages independence through communal living. This place provides time and space for artists to work autonomously on their practices and projects, whilst also benefiting from communal living, opportunities for collaboration, skill-sharing, and proximity to the natural world.

Artsadmin Guide to Touring Across Europe for UK Performing Artists
A simple, practical guide to support and empower UK-based individual artists and small companies working in theatre, dance and live art to continue to tour work across Europe.

Anti-Racist Art Education Curriculum Checklist
The NSEAD ARAE Curriculum Checklist will help art educators critically review and revise their art, craft and design curriculums.

SPACE Advice Bureau
A SPACE Artist Initiatives programme, providing free advice and guidance to all members of the SPACE community. Launched during the pandemic in 2020 in response to your requests and suggestions in the Tenant Survey, this programme includes one-to-one mentoring, webinars, coaching and peer-to-peer sessions to support you in developing your artist practice.

Balance: toolkit for creatives
Created in partnership with the Creative Industries Federation and Mindapples, and funded by Arts Council England, the Balance toolkit is a free resource of mental health talks and business-focused training for creatives.

This is Wyld offers grant application writing and access support
If you have an idea for a project and are interested in getting funding for that project email Jamie Wyld, director of This is Wyld, has worked as an access support worker to help artists write grant applications since 2013. Arts Council England will pay for an access support worker to help write your grant application.

Crafts Council Spring-back talks
Ten free lunchtime talks held on Zoom will cover essential marketing advice for makers who want to spring back from the last year and grasp all the new opportunities available to them. Speakers will be led by the Crafts Council team and include expert speakers and contributors.

RE—SET—GO is an accessible, hands-on, paid workplace experience and mentoring programme for 19-25-year-olds or new practices and start-ups, established with the mission of diversifying architecture practices. New dates have been released for 1-to-1 mentoring sessions and “CV surgeries” through a series of free, regular and bookable slots with London Practice Forum architecture practices.

Crafts Council Brexit Advice
Resources and advice for craft businesses, makers and galleries following the UK leaving the EU

Brexit Guidance for Artists and Arts Organisers
The a-n has been collating useful information to serve as guidance to creatives as the UK exits the European Union, access it here.

Agency that researches, compiles and offers advice to artists. Artquest have adapted their website to focus on support available during the current pandemic.

Artists’ Union England rates of pay guidelines, designed to help artists’ and their employers to determine fair remuneration for artists’ labour.

Working Safely Online
Guidance to support anyone working online: a general guide to meeting online, and how to make the space as welcoming and safe as possible; and online safeguarding if you are working with vulnerable participants or groups.

Disability Arts Online 
Offering one-hour advice sessions to disabled artists to help fill ACE emergency funds and free access support to make the application.
If you would like to utilise either of these options please contact

Arts Council England The Digital Culture Network 
Provides practical support to the arts and culture sector, helping you to explore and harness the benefits of technology to achieve your goals, find new ways to reach and engage audiences, and develop sustainable business models.

UK Covid-19 Freelance Artist Resources List
A very thorough list of most mutual support and funding opportunities for UK artists available at the moment.

UK Artist Grant Writing Support
Network created to provide in-kind support to artists requiring help with emergency grant applications.

Useful professional advice for freelancers and the self-employed during the pandemic.

The Creative Industries Federation
Sector-specific advice, guidance and legal support provided by unions and sector support organisations. You are advised to contact these organisations directly for specialist advice.

Coastal Currents: Black and ethnic local artists & creatives listing → ongoing
Enter your details into a comprehensive and accessible register of Black and Ethnic Artists living in the area (from Rye to Eastbourne).

Artist Menteeship Masterclasses
Ceri Hand’s masterclasses: Artist’s statements, Online Marketing for Artists, Pricing & Selling Your Work, Copyright for Artists
Cost £25-30

Arts Emergency Free Mentorships
Arts Emergency provides 16-25-year-olds with free mentoring, advice, guidance and opportunities to help them embark on higher education and careers.

Funding, grants, scholarships, fellowships

BFI National Lottery short-form animation funding → Apply by 9 July
The BFI National Lottery Short Form Animation Fund provides support for higher-budget animated short films, made by UK-based teams.

Freedlands Foundation Inclusive Practices Fund → Apply by 19 July
The Inclusive Practices Fund will support organisations to reimagine engagement and education; aiming to foster belonging and connection between young people in primary and secondary school, their teachers and visual arts spaces.

AXS Film Fund → Apply by 31 July
$10,000 USD fund for underrepresented creators in documentary filmmaking or nonfiction new media who identify as living with a disability.

The Kensington and Chelsea 2024 Black History Month Grant Scheme → Apply by 31 July
To support exciting and inspiring creative events and activities taking place between 1-31 October in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

RBKC Arts Grants Scheme → Apply by 31 July
Grants of up to £3,000 for individuals and organisations looking to produce innovative and engaging art projects across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Film Travel Grants Fund → rolling fund
Our Film Travel Grant Fund is supported by BFI National Lottery funding in partnership with BFI NETWORK and the BFI International Fund. The grants are designed to enable filmmakers to represent work abroad, develop new contacts and networks, and reach new audiences. It is particularly created to increase the exposure of new and emerging UK films, XR projects and talent on an international stage. Open to: UK filmmakers and XR creatives.

QEST Emerging Maker Grants
The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) offers Emerging Maker Grants of up to £10,000 for the training and education of talented craftspeople at an early stage in their career. Applications are open twice a year: January to February with awards made in May and from July to August with awards made in November.

British Design Fund
The British Design Fund 5 is currently open to new applications and are seeking to invest between £150,000 and £200,000 into eligible businesses that meet their criteria. Supporting enterprise and innovation in the UK, the Fund works with extraordinary entrepreneurs to scale their products, accelerate growth and build long-term value – both for investors and business owners.

Funding opportunities for Scotland-based artists

The White Pube Creatives Grant → rolling monthly
The White Pube Creatives Grant is a one-off £500 grant to be given out to a different working-class creative practitioner based in the UK once every month. This grant has been set up to support creatives of all ages who are early in their careers and would benefit from this no-strings-attached financial support to help them in whatever they like – be that money to cover time to make, or fund materials, equipment, research, subscriptions, development, travel, or even rent and bills.

National Lottery Project Grants → reopened
National Lottery Project Grants is an Arts Council England open-access programme for arts, libraries and museum projects. The fund supports thousands of individual artists and community and cultural organisations. You can apply for up to £30,000 and get your decision within 8 weeks.

Digital Artists Grant → rolling monthly
No-strings-attached financial support to help digital artists of all ages who are in the early stages of their careers. The Digital Artists Grant (DAG) is offered by The Moniker Foundation in collaboration with Creative Debuts.

Migrant Artist Fund → ongoing
The Becoming British Lottery recognises the financial burden of migrant artists to make work in the UK. The lottery is specifically to cover the costs of visas/citizenship paperwork for working in the UK. It is a random draw of multiples of £200 every 3 months. It is non-taxable as it is a random prize, not a competition and is not ‘talent-based’. To be eligible you must: Work or have worked in the arts industry (the widest definition is applicable here as we are aware individuals define their practice in a number of ways); Have costs relating to a Visa / Citizenship application within the UK.

#CIRCAECONOMY Scholarship Programme → Apply after being granted a place in the course
CIRCA and Goldsmiths, University of London, launched a scholarship programme for postgraduate arts education for students with non-traditional educational backgrounds, alongside those with undergraduate degrees. Two scholarships worth a total of £30,000 will be awarded to students to complete the MA Art & Ecology and MFA Curating degree programmes.

Annuity Freedom micro-grants to improve your site’s discoverability (SEO) and cash grants → on a rolling basis
– Artists
– Black or Minority business owners
– Women who own businesses

Black Artists Grant → ongoing
The Black Artists Grant is £500 given out monthly to three black artists in the UK. The BAG is no-strings-attached financial support to help the selected artist in whatever they want – be that make new work, buy equipment or materials, travel, research, visit exhibitions or conferences, or cover some life expenses. This is specifically for Black artists; not politically black, not POC or BAME.

M&C Saatchi Saturday School  various dates, check the calendar
Teaching communities the basics of business.

Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries 2020-2022 Opportunities  various deadlines
Job opportunities for outstanding artists, curators, producers and creatives from low socio-economic backgrounds

Help Musicians’ Financial Hardship fund → ongoing

National Lottery Project Grants
For individuals, organisations, museums and libraries.

The Dancers’ Hardship Fund → ongoing
For professional dancers.

Coronavirus Local Authority Discretionary Grants Fund → Various deadlines
For small businesses with fixed property costs.

Artists’ Union England Solidarity Fund will give a limited number of small grants of £100 to members in hardship.

South East Creatives Grants
Top-up Grants for sole traders or companies trading in the creative, cultural or digital sector.

a-n financial support
To help support artists whose livelihoods have been impacted by Coronavirus Covid-19, a-n has announced three programmes of financial support for both artists and arts organisers

Government support for self-employed workers → updated
Check if you can claim a grant through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

Self-employment and Universal Credit
Universal Credit is a monthly payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income or out of work.

Smallwood Trust
Provide grants and support for women on low incomes due to reduction in working hours, fluctuating income etc.

Artists’ Opportunities

Hugo Burge Foundation Filmmaking Residency → Apply by 5 July
We are looking for a filmmaker who would like time and space in a rural, tranquil environment to work on their craft. The residency will take place from the September 14th to October 13th.

Dundee Design Festival: Exhibit in Framework Group → Apply by 7 July
Group exhibition to showcase Scotland-based contemporary designers and makers. It offers a participation fee of £50-£100.

The RCN Library and Museum: Call for Artworks Responding to Health and Climate Emergency → Apply by 9 July
Particularly interested in art that takes a creative approach to recycling and re-use of healthcare items. £2,000 artist fee plus up to £500 for materials.

A Guide to Pickles and Minds Perplexed by Muddy Mudlarks → Apply by 9 July
Muddy Mudlarks is a small artist collective aiming to provide affordable exhibition spaces for young or new artists.

CIRCA Art Prize → Apply by 15 July
£40,000 prize awarding future visionaries shaping our world for the better.

M&C SAATCHI X SAATCHI GALLERY Art for Change Prize → Apply by 17 July
This year’s prize asks artists to creatively respond to the theme ‘Tomorrow’ing: Visions of a better future’.

Made It 2024: Annual Exhibition & Graduate Art Prize by DMZ x Short Supply → Apply by 19 July
For North West BA and MA graduates from 2023/2024 working in any medium.

V&A South Kensington: Queer in Motion → Apply by 21 July
Five-day movement and film course, filming days paid at London Living Wage.

ReRooted Residency with Arbeit Studios, London → Apply by 21 July
The residency period is for 4 months, with work to be installed in the north garden at Trowbridge Gardens in Hackney Wick.

Call for Proposals for Installation in St Mary’s Parish Church → Apply by 31 July
Artworks themed around housing, communities, and social justice.

The Tagli Mentorship Award → Apply by 31 July
The recipient of the Mentorship Award will have the unique opportunity to be mentored by the TAGLI team in collaboration with The Folco Collection, receive a £500 benefit, and inclusion in a public-facing, physical exhibition.

Society of Wildlife Artists Open Call → Apply by 23 August
The Society is seeking works that depict wildlife subjects and evoke the spirit of the natural world.

East London Art Prize → Apply by 25 August
Competition for East London based artists. The winner receives a cash prize of £15,000 and a solo exhibition at Bow Arts’ Nunnery Gallery. The runner-up second prize is a year’s studio residency with Bow Arts. The entire shortlist is also presented at an exhibition at the Nunnery Gallery, with all artists given mentoring and career development opportunities through the following year.

The British Ceramics Biennial: Award 2025 → Apply by 9 September
Award invites applications from UK-based individual practitioners, collaborators or collectives who use clay as their primary material. The Award exhibition seeks to have a positive impact on the practice of the exhibiting artists. We seek to support artists who want to make best use of the opportunity, who may wish to tread new ground, use the momentum of the exhibition to focus or make a step change in their practice or to present work in ways it hasn’t previously been experienced.

Online Drawing Development Year is Open for Applications → Apply by 25 September
The Online Drawing Development Year is an innovative new course that has been devised to allow arts graduates and those with a developing studio practice, to benefit from live online drawing tuition and a structured critical dialogue with tutors, mentors, and peers over the course of three terms.

The Ahaata Project: Nature x Craft x Design Residency → November
8 artists/ designers/ learners/ creative practitioners come together for a couple of weeks to share skills, ideas and learn together as response to Punjab’s ecological and creative landscape. Residency costs 6500 USD.

British School at Rome: Fine Arts awards → various deadlines
Fine Arts awards at the BSR offer artists at different stages of their careers the superb opportunity to research and focus on their work away from normal pressures, and to use the BSR as a base to explore Rome and Italy.

apexart’s Open Calls
apexart’s Open Calls are opportunities for artists, curators, and other professionals to turn their curatorial idea into an apexart exhibition, combined with inviting apexart’s international community to collectively determine our programming through an online jury process. Winning proposals become part of apexart’s next exhibition season and receive funding and staff support.

Woodturning Connect 2023
The Worshipful Company of Turners holds its turning competitions every two years. They attract entries from turners of all ages and skill. Check the website below for more details.

Join the Procreate Archive
This archive is part of Procreate Project, a pioneering grassroots arts organisation supporting the professional development of women and non-binary artists who are mothers/parents. The Procreate Project (PCP) Archive is a digital archive and a collection of printable posters of works made by contemporary artists who are mothers/parents made in response to the ongoing crisis, the isolation and the invisibility of unpaid care work.

Special Dispensations: Residency → no deadline
Special Dispensations (Norwich, UK) invites proposals from artists working in any medium, whether or not they usually make small works, multiples, or works on paper. There is no requirement for the submitting artists to have any formal qualification or specific experience

Art From The Heart: Artists of the Month → deadline 20th of every month
Showcases work by artists whose practices are inspired by environmental and/or social issues.

Open call to take part in Niya B’s project “912” → now
Niya B seeking adult participants (18+) based in Birmingham or Sheffield, who identify as trans or non-binary and have lived experience of ‘waiting’ related to their gender transition, currently or in the past. This can be being in the waiting list of a gender identity clinic, waiting for a treatment related to their gender transition etc. Participants will be offered an honorarium of £50 to cover expenses.

Tangle Theatre: Amplify – Paid Mentoring & Training Programme → no deadline
Tangle is inviting applications to Amplify, a paid mentoring and training programme designed to support technical theatre professionals from the Global Majority at any career stage.

AiR Drop remote residency programme → monthly, no deadline
AiR Drop is a residency programme from satellite designed to support underrepresented voices. AiR Drop is open to moving image artists based in England who are unable to make work due to lack of access to facilities. A minimum of one in every four residencies will be awarded to Black artists.

Flabbergast TV: Opportunity for Artists
Flabbergast TV are looking for amateur artists with a talent and passion for any and all art mediums who do it as a hobby but have been thinking of turning it into a business, for a new TV series which will air on a major UK channel. Email if you’re interested.

Screening Room Programme → ongoing
Open call for films to be featured on the Looking Forward website and other events. There are no requirements or restrictions in regard to duration or content or subject matter. Please email submissions to

ARTCRY Fund → rolling
ARTCRY aims to encourage artists to create bold political work, with fast-turnaround funding to enable fast action.

Virtual Reality Climate Change  → rolling
A curated VR space for art relating to Climate Change

OSE Young Associates Programme → ongoing
The Young Associates Programme is a free 10-month programme for young people aged 18-21 living in the Thanet area. It is an innovative, alternative approach to arts education with an emphasis on developing essential creative and employability skills. The programme encourages the development of a sustainable career in the arts and creative industries by offering young people direct experience working with leading international arts and creative practitioners and professionals to develop their own arts practice and projects. Young Associates will have exciting opportunities to work on curatorial projects, live briefs, attend specialist skills-building masterclasses, and mentorship as well as developing their own programmes.

London Performance Studios: ‘Seeding Space’ → ongoing
London Performance Studios are offering 100 free space bursaries between June 2021 and November 2022 of between 1 day and 2 weeks of free space in their building in South Bermondsey, London. The offer is available for companies, community groups, and individual artists working across the visual or performing arts.

Citizens Art Market: book your stall (fee applies)
Citizens Art Market is a social enterprise to support artists and to promote art in communities, over the coming months. Permitted art: Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and 2D / 3D art. The markets are being organised by Citizens Art Market with support from Meanwhile Space CIC.

Seeking Scenic artists
Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch seeking scenic artists based in East London. For more details please contact

Create/Disrupt Open Call → ongoing
Create/Disrupt is a new programme by The NewBridge Project for artists, aspiring arts workers, makers and producers who have not had formal training or undertaken a degree and are interested in pursuing a career in the arts.

Unlimited: Board
Seeking people with finance and/or legal skills.

People’s Pavilion
The People’s Pavilion by Beyond The Box Consultants are offering young East Londoners a chance to work with professionals from design, construction and creative arts industries to design and build their own Pavilion

GOOD WICKEDRY Film submissions → rolling deadline
Online cinema platform driven by carefully considered curation accepting new or old films, from any genre, and any format, with an especial focus on shorts – narrative films, docs, art vids, music vids, experimental, animation, etc. GOOD WICKEDRY works to platform BIPOC and female filmmakers.

Call for exhibitors at Alpha Works → rolling
Alpha Works, in Birmingham, are offering West Midlands based visual artists free exhibition space in their building. This is a rolling open call, more information here.

Somerset House Young Producers Programme → ongoing
The programme offers London Living Wage paid opportunities to develop skills and creative practice for 18 to 30 years old. Subscribe to Somerset House’s mailing list to receive updates on the programme.

OVER Journal Open Call → various deadlines
Call for papers, articles, interviews and artistic projects, different deadlines.

ON WHEELS Open Call → ongoing
ON WHEELS are looking for BAME artists and activists to exhibit / perform / protest / play.

No Jobs in the Arts Artist Spotlight → ongoing
Inviting artists with connections to the East Midlands to be profiled on Instagram. Email a link of your artwork and a short description to

Artquest Want To Write For Art Worlds? → ongoing
Write about your local art scene and promote your work for up to £200 per article. Must be a member of Exchange.

The White Pube Writers Grant → ongoing
£500 given out monthly to a working class writer based in the UK, no strings attached. Funded by Creative Debuts.

Open Call sea_youhere 2.0 #artandsustainability → applications are invited on a rolling basis
SEA Foundation invite artists, activists, designers, architects, and collectives to share their exemplary projects and discuss ideas on Art and Sustainability to a wider audience.

East Bristol Contemporary Instagram Residencies → ongoing
The gallery offers monthly Instagram residencies, in which artists are invited to take over their feed for one month. During this month, the selected artist gets the opportunity to reach a new audience and develop their skills. Contact ebc for information on how to apply to their residency.

HOAX → No deadline
Online platform for text-based work now accepting submissions.

Work opportunities

New to Nature → various deadlines
New to Nature is offering paid 12-month work placements at a variety of inspiring organisations such as Zoological Society of London (ZSL), The Woodland Trust, Bat Conservation Trust, City Of Trees, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the National Trust, etc. New to Nature aims to provide life-changing experiences for people who might not normally have access to a career in the environmental sector, with young people who are from an ethnic minority, who are disabled or who are from low-income homes being encouraged to apply.

Create: programme for emerging artists → yearly
Nurturing Talent is Create’s programme for emerging artists. It offers an opportunity to six artists (all studies must have been completed) who are interested in gaining hands-on workshop experience to apply their professional practice in a community setting.

Create: Join artist pool → ongoing
Create is looking for artists/workshop leaders to join its pool of freelancers.

Create: Artists/Workshop leaders → ongoing
Create is recruiting artists to run workshops for their change:matters project, which educates and upskills young carers across the UK on money and family finances.

Create: Artists/Workshop leaders in the North West → ongoing
Create is seeking freelance artists / workshop leaders to join the charity’s freelance artist pool in the North West of England.

Bronze Chaser & Bronze Welder/Metalworker
Morris Singer Art Foundry Limited (Lasham, Hampshire) looking for experienced workers to join their creative team.

Run The Check
Regularly updated list of paid opportunities for creatives based in London.

Health and Wellbeing

Outside Edge Theatre Company, UK’s theatre focused on addiction
Drama sessions for adults suffering from addiction, in-person and online.

Creativity Works Mental Health Creative Support Service 
Opportunity to learn some creative skills, make new friends, suitable for people who are in the process of recovery from ongoing mental health challenges, anxiety or depression to help build confidence, learn new skills and make friends. There are also spaces to attend creative peer support groups, which are managed by group members and have occasional visiting art tutors

Latest advice on looking after your health during the pandemic.

Mind: Coronavirus and your wellbeing
Support and practical advice on the impact lockdown can have on your mental health.

Industry Minds
Industry Minds is a podcast created to discuss mental health for people in the creative industries and now offers free one to one counselling sessions over Skype.

Addiction: what is it?
An overview of what addiction is, the various types of addictions, and how they can be treated. Link below also takes you to the page where you can search for NHS services near you.

Addiction and Homelessness
Resource page on addiction and homelessness to educate people on this issue and provide insight on ways to help the homeless in their community.

Is your colleague struggling with their mental health?
Useful information around employee well-being.


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