Young Artists

North Kensington
Since 2020
Close up of a participant's hands, applying paper mache to a cardboard cut out
Young Artists is a creative project for children in North Kensington. Each round, a small cohort of young people co-create with a visiting professional artist and explore what art is and can be, by experimenting with new materials and processes.

Participants are encouraged to develop their ideas playfully as well as enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills whilst offering a deeper understanding of visual art practice. The project includes trips to art galleries as well as the chance to gain an Arts Award Discover or Explore.

A group of children throwing paint balls and laughing, outdoors on a sunny day.
Young Artists, 2022. Photographed on behalf of ACAVA by Jason Garcia.
Artist and participant observing a sculpture from below.
Photo by Andreia Sofia Photography
A group of children and Jack Rooney standing together inside In the Black Fantastic at the Hayward Gallery.
Young Artists, 2022. Photographed by ACAVA.
Participant and parent admiring the work on display.
Photo by ACAVA Shoots (Zute Lightfoot)

YA 2022

Summer holidays
J D Rooney is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice often stems from the complexities regarding feelings of dislocation, longing, and connection from both his Guyanese and Irish heritage. Using sound, sculpture, photography, and drawing, the Young Artists participated in playful and collaborative sessions that encourage growth and confidence in sharing ideas.

Jack is our 2022 Studio 13 Resident, a 6-month pilot programme for artists from minority backgrounds who have social engagement at the core of their practice.

YA 2021

Spring term
Gal Leshem works with textiles, print, ceramic and video through a strong socially engaged practice. After completing her MA from the Slade School of Art, she has been artist in residence at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, the Barbican and Create and has worked with The White House in Dagenham. Gal encouraged the Young Artists to experiment with different materials and explore themes of belonging, heritage and identity as well as sharing their own cultural traditions.

Summer term
Anna Reading, who also trained at The Slade School of Art, explores imagined futuristic sci-fi landscapes through sculpture, both worldly and other-worldly. She invited the Young Artists to create their own large-scale imagined landscapes with card, modroc and other media. The group also learnt simple animation and sound techniques to bring the artworks to life and amplify their ideas.

Autumn term
Emily Motto works with sculpture, installation and drawing to create playful forms, arenas and mazes. She is currently the Artist in Residence at The Bluecoat in Liverpool. Working as one of the artists on the Inspiring Change programme at Turner Contemporary, she worked with 20 young leaders to develop a new public artwork in Margate.

YA 2021 was supported by the Grenfell Projects Fund.