Bee Superhighway

Bee Superhighway is a project by RBKC, in partnership with ACAVA and idverde UK, that aims to improve and increase the habitat of pollinators across Kensington and Chelsea.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is one of the most densely populated in London. With only 19% of the borough's area designated as open space (giving the least amount of open space per head), the borough has nonetheless surprisingly rich biodiversity and is home to many nationally and internationally rare species, and hosts a variety of important habitats. 

Bee Superhighway aims to raise the profile of pollinators and their importance to us, and provide education and engagement opportunities to enable residents, community groups, schools and businesses to contribute to the borough's pollinator network.

Members of ACAVA's Maxilla Men's Shed have added to the project with the creation of 15 bug hotels, which will act as shelter and nesting sites for local bumblebees, wild bees, butterflies and other insects.

Bug Hotel locations

1. Cremorne Gardens
2. Westfield Park
3. Kelfield Gardens Notting Hill Methodist Eco Church Garden
4. Redcliffe Square
5. Lancaster Green
6. South Kensington Underground station
7. Barlby Gardens
8. Kensington Memorial Park
9. Avondale Park
10. Little Wormwood Scrubs
11. Notting Hill Library
12. Town Hall Library Bed - Delayed
13. Westway Trust site (TBC)
14. Moravian Burial Ground
15. Olympia / Earls Court kitchen garden