Spode Works Open Studios 2022
ACAVA artist Mary Hennessy Jones

On Saturday 12 November 2022 our artists and makers at Spode Works Studios in Stoke-on-Trent will be opening their doors, giving you the chance to explore the thriving community working from the Spode site.

Come along to meet the artists and take a peek at their workspaces, take part in workshops, browse the Christmas market organised by the artists and much more:

  • ACAVA artists makers market with locally produced products and artworks by the artists
  • Drop-in workshops on painting, woodworking, textiles, natural dying, and light painting
  • Puppet shows, performances and other free activities

Evie Davis’ solo exhibition
Capture will be on display in the studios’ gallery. Evie is ACAVA Studios Artist Development Prize artist-in-residence.

Combined with other developments on the site Spode Works Studios is part of an ambitious vision to develop a creative hub that will revitalise the local creative economy. Learn more about the studios.


ACAVA artists taking part

Andrew Cliff
Babs Balogun (Cre8fotos)
Ben Farr
Charne Visser
Chris Parr
Cris Cohen (FEASTED)
Christine Mallaband-Brown
Dan Southward
Dina Muir
Emily Deacon
Emma Price
Jenni Spangler
Jo Douglas
Katie Brennan (Meticulous Restoration)
Katie Unwin
Katrina Wilde
Mary Hennessy Jones
Mel Bose
Meticulous Restoration
Nadine Wilde
Nicky Griffiths
Rae Downey
Ryan Lovat
Steve Barlow
Terry Shave
Zeba Imam


Saturday 12 November 2022
All welcome / Free



ACAVA Spode Works Studios
Elenora Street
Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1QQ

ACAVA artist Christine Mallaband-Brown
ACAVA artist Mary Hennessy Jones
ACAVA artist Nicky Griffiths
Rug depicting a polyhedral dice and a skull on the ground, outdoors.
ACAVA artist Katie Unwin, 'Untitled'
ACAVA artist Rae Downey
ACAVA artist Rae Downey
ACAVA artist Steve Barlow, Dovetail Woodworking
ACAVA artist Steve Barlow, Dovetail Woodworking
ACAVA artist Jo Douglas