Young London Print Prize

The Young London Print Prize is a project driven by the idea that all young people are artists in their own right, launched in 2020 during the pandemic.

It bridges the gap between compulsory education and the contemporary art world by directly involving young artists and printmakers within it. 

The programme supports pupils and teachers to learn about printmaking and submit original art which is then judged by young adults and exhibited at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair — one of the UK’s biggest contemporary art fairs.

The Prize is a collaboration between Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, Boldface, and ACAVA. With support from Peabody and Anthesis. The content is co-designed with schools to ensure it reflects the latest social issues and curriculum needs and is themed this year around the concept of climate art. 

As part of the programme, ACAVA is working with students and staff from primary schools in North Kensington – Oxford Gardens Primary School, Bevington Primary School, Colville Primary School and Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School – and artist-educator Ursula Kelly to deliver a series of hands-on workshops at ACAVA Maxilla Walk Studios. Each session will explore different printmaking techniques through the lens of this year’s theme of climate change.

The Young London Print Prize will be judged by a team of sixth-form students from across London, with the winners showcased at the international Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.

Participating school, Oxford Gardens Primary School said:

Teacher: “We had a wonderful time and the activity was great fun. We also had the opportunity to learn a new skill.”

Pupil: “My favourite part was the screen printing as it was fun and creative. I also had the opportunity to try something I hadn’t tried before.”

The Fair will take place in person from 11 to 14 November, and online from 12 November to 13 December, showcasing not just world-renowned artists but also 14 award winners from the Prize.

More information

Visit these websites for more information on the Young London Print Prize and Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair:


Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair: 11 – 14 November 2021, 12 – 6 pm at The Fireworks Factory, Woolwich Works,11 No 1 St, Royal Arsenal, London SE18 6HD
The Online Edition: 15 – 28 November 2021, at https://www.woolwichprintfair.com