Art in Barham Park

Barham Park Studios
A programme of community engagement projects at our Barham Park Studios running over the summer months, funded by Brent Ward Working fund to nurturing links within the local community of Sudbury.

Art in Barham Park began in Summer 2015 with funding from the London Borough of Brent through the Ward Working Fund for Sudbury.

The 2015 programme included:

Artist Ursula Kelly worked with family groups facilitating a printmaking and bookmaking project encouraging participants to explore and respond to their local park. During the six-week project participants explored the park, looking at and recording the landscape and architecture using experimental mark making. Through guided printmaking and bookmaking demonstrations, the participants each produced a book of prints serving as a personal reflection on their time spent in the park.

Artist Joshua Bilton worked with young people on a project encouraging collaboration between participants through making a film piece following a search for the lost mansion that used to stand within the park. The Walled Garden, incorporated a shot of the Hulk, a sound recording of a violin and a clay workshop in the middle of the park inviting passers-by to make objects. The activities gradually began to shape an overarching narrative that pieced together their search for lost mansion and the collection it housed.

Artist Raksha Patel worked with older people, discovering Victorian plant symbolism, creating homemade botanical plant paints, and using block printing techniques to create a collaborative botanical wall paper. Participants researched plant symbolism and the narratives associated with the various species planted in Barham Park.

The outcomes of all three projects were exhibited at ACAVA’s inaugural Open Studio weekend at Barham Park.