Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic

The Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic is a project initiated in May 2018 by ACAVA in partnership with Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre.

The mosaic is an ever-growing installation situated at the base of Grenfell Tower. Each month a different community, faith group or school work with ACAVA artist Emily Fuller and local artist Tomomi Yoshida to create a new section to add to the artwork.

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Grenfell Memorial Four Years After Grenfell

The last four mosaic pieces of phase two of ACAVA's Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic will be installed in June 2021, in time for the fourth anniversary of the fire.

The mosaic leaves were created by school communities from Barlby, Bevington and Oxford Gardens primaries, and bereaved and survivor families from Grenfell United, with support from artists Emily Fuller and Tomomi Yoshida.

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Project history

Phase One: Petals
July 2018 to June 2019

With 12 groups in total, each is invited to choose a word to feature on their piece, and over a series of workshops fabricate a petal which is then added to the installation on the 14th of each month.

Designed by the artists, the centrepiece of the mosaic, encompassing 12 evergreen interlocking hearts, symbolises the interconnectedness of the North Kensington community. It was unveiled on 14 June 2018 to mark the one-year memorial since the tragic fire and was created during open sessions to which the whole community could attend.

Once complete the large-scale floral installation was unveiled on 14 June 2019 marking the second anniversary of the fire. It will stay at the base of the tower until the hoarding is removed when it will be dismantled and each petal given back to the community and faith groups. The centre of the flower was given to Grenfell United as a token of support and solidarity from the people of North Kensington.  

July 2018
Latimer Community Church: “Love”

August 2018
LCAT & Henry Dickens Community Centre: “Hope”

Sept 2018
Clement James Centre: “Unity”

Oct 2018
Everyone Active & Westway Trust: “Solidarity”

Nov 2018
The Notting Hill Methodist Church: “Respect”

Dec 2018
North Kensington Fire Service: “Courage”

Jan 2019
Al Manaar: “Together”

Feb 2019
Rugby Portobello Trust: “Grace”

March 2019
The V1llage: “Change”

April 2019
QPR Community Trust: "Resilience"

May 2019
Harrow Club: "Future"

June 2019
ACAVA (open community sessions): "Forever"


Phase Two: Leaves
September 2019 to June 2021

Thanks to the support from the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre and ACAVA have taken the project onto its second phase Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic project: Bloom.
Over a two-year period, the second phase sees a series of mosaic leaves, fabricated by North Kensington community groups, tenants and residents associations and schools, added to the existing artwork on the 14th of each month, commencing September 2019.
The design brief for the leaves has taken inspiration from local participants as well as foliage from trees close to Grenfell Tower. The 24 leaves feature 72 gold flecks, paying tribute to the lives sadly lost in the fire.

Al Manaar and ACAVA would like to thank all groups who have expressed interest in taking part in phase two of Bloom to date.

So far the following groups have made a leaf:

September 2019
Lancaster West Estate Tenant and Resident Association

October 2019
Kids on the Green

November 2019
SPACE & Bramley House Tenant and Resident Association

December 2019 (two leaves)
Trees for Grenfell & Just Solutions 123 and Baraka & EPCA Supplementary Schools

January 2020
Silchester Estate Tenant and Resident Association

February 2020 
Maxilla Social Club

March 2020
Midaye and Grenfell Tower site team

April and May 2020
Project suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic (these leaves will be created later in the year)

June 2020
Humanity for Grenfell

July 2020
Hestia, KCSC, VCKC, Venture Centre staff

August 2020
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

September 2020
Kensington Aldridge Academy

October 2020
Created by the wider community of North Kensington.

November 2020
Avondale Park Primary

December 2020
St Clements & St James and St Thomas' CE Primaries

January 2021
Thomas Jones Primary

February 2021
St Charles RC Primary

March 2021
St. Mary's RC Primary

April 2021
No leaf was added due to Covid-19

May 2021
Colville Primary and Golborne and Maxilla Nursery School

June 2021
Barlby Primary, Bevington Primary, Oxford Gardens Primary and Grenfell United

For regular updates about the project please follow: @Almanaar/mchc and @ACAVANorthKen

Proud to be working with the K&C Foundation through their Grenfell Community Development Fund.


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Image credits: Zute Lightfoot and Ashleigh Ramel