Communities and Young People
2004 - 2012

Archbishop Tenison's School

Having achieved Specialist Arts College status, the 300 year old Archbishop Tenison’s School fulfilled its new remit of extending its work into the community by teaming up with us.

Taking advantage of our expertise and access to a wide range of artists experienced in such work, the school, local primary schools and nearby community and arts centres are consulted on their needs and qualified artists commissioned to devise and deliver suitable projects.

Over 20 such projects have been completed, including, for example, establishing pottery making facilities for an elders group, creating mosaics for a primary school entrance and a stained glass window for a secondary school hallway, learning to build and embellish Tree of Life ceramics from a Mexican master, Tiburcio Soteno, and making a video which was used to open the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2010, billed as the biggest documentary platform in the world. Courtney Vizard’s film ‘Life without Art’ was chosen “to stress the importance of culture and art in contemporary life and the danger of cutting budgets”.

A close-up shot of the side of a person's face
Still from Courtney Vizard's film 'Life without Art'