Continuing professional development

ACAVA recognises that physical space is not the only requirement for artistic production facilitated by studio providers. Well managed and congenial social spaces in which artists can engage with each other and their communities, exchange ideas, learn techniques, borrow tools and materials, get assistance, plan exhibitions and events and share networks, is for many artists at various points in their careers, equally important.

ACAVA has always actively encouraged, promoted and supported the delivery of these benefits, and also provided gallery space, technical facilities and training, continuing professional development opportunities, and opportunities for employment on innovative arts projects.

Doremifasolasido Residency Programme

‘Doremifasolasido’ is an annual group residency that invites emerging artists from around the country to Cumbria to forge links between artists and arts organisations working in urban and rural settings. Now in it’s third year, previous residencies...

Griffin Gallery Mentoring Programme

The Griffin Gallery International Residency Programme is an exciting opportunity for emerging artists in painting and drawing. It is designed to give the winning artists an introduction to the exciting contemporary art scene in London. The month...

Gatehouse Arts

Currently a CPD programme is available for artists in the Harlow region. Alongside the development of studios, workshops, and exhibition, community and education programmes in Harlow, ACAVA has established a continuing professional development...