Two new residencies

This autumn two new residencies for recent graduates start in ACAVA studios.

Life Boat is a residency and career opportunity for 2012 fine art graduates from University of the Arts London established by Artquest. Conall McAteer, Henk Gieskens, Isabelle Gressel and Michael McManus will work in ACAVA's Vyner Street Studios for the next twelve months and receive mentoring and support. (See http://www.artquest.org.uk/articles/view/life_boat)

Alicia Fidler has been chosen as the recipient of the This is This commission, which includes

  • Commissioned work and October Exhibition at Chelsea Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground
  • Be Smart About Art Academy - 8 hours of one to one sessions with Susan Mumford
  • Studio Space - 6 months with ACAVA

Alicia is now at work on the commission in ACAVA's Parkham Street Studios. The exhibition will run from 11th to 27th October at Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea Collage of Art and Design.