Shubbak & Nour Creative Learning Programme present artists talks by Mehdi Annassi & Aicha El Beloui

Shubbak & Nour Creative Learning Programme present a rare opportunity to meet members of the Casablanca-based Skefkef Collective: Mehdi Annassi and Aicha El Beloui.

Free Artist Talks:
Tuesday 27th November 11am-12:30pm
ACAVA, 54 Blechynden St, W10 6RJ

Mehdi and Aicha will be visiting West London to share aspects of their illustration, street art, and design work with ACAVA members and non-members, followed by an open discussion and Q&A on art practices in neighbourhood contexts.

About the artists:

Aicha El Beloui is an illustrator, graphic designer, and creative director. Trained as an architect, Aicha is particularly interested in illustration and map-based work. She explores themes of citizenship, public spaces, belonging, freedom, and the individual in the Moroccan context. A context she has always actively tried to understand and demystify, firstly through her architecture studies, which helped sharpen the reading of the city to a certain extent, then through her direct involvement in architectural heritage and the cultural scene in Casablanca.  She’ll often work with communities to discover a particular area and then carefully filter it into her maps and illustrations. She asks: who has the right to the city? A great example is her MAP OF THE LEGEND, Dubai Design Week 2017. Find out more about her work here.

Mehdi Annassi aka Machima is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist (creative of the year 2015, Maroc Web Awards). He works on large-scale murals, comics, zines, animation, illustrations, and street art (Street Art Caravane, Jidar festival, Sbagha Bagha festival). Mehdi is known for his contribution and involvement with comic art, as a founding member of Skefkef, the first Moroccan independent comics magazine written in darija. He is currently working on his first graphic novel. Community-facing, he will rarely paint a mural in a place where it doesn’t connect to its people and surroundings. He’s extremely socially conscientious and has worked with a range of individuals in varying circumstances; from art students to international street art collectives. Find out more about his work here: The Bad Blood / The Machima.

Tue 27 November 2018

54 Blechynden Street
W10 6RJ
United Kingdom

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