'Reverie' exhibition at ACAVA Maxilla Studios


'In Reverie' is a new exhibition of painting, sculpture and performance work at ACAVA Maxilla Studios, featuring work by ACAVA artists Karen Tronel and Oliver Gingrich, amongst others.

The show has been curated by Joséphine Bailey and Anna Woodward, supported by ACAVA, and is part of Kensington and Chelsea Art Week (KCAW) and North Kensington Art Trail. 

Exhibition open: 25–27 June
Private view: 25 June, 4–8 pm

Featuring work by:
Karen Tronel (ACAVA artist)
Oliver Gingrich (ACAVA artist)
Nell Brookfield
Kirsty Lackie
Olivia Mundy
Salomé Wu
Maciek Kosc
Georgia Dymock

For more information, and the location of the venue, please visit this page.
30% from the sale of artworks during the exhibition will be donated to Grenfell Foundation.