Remembering Grenfell Tower.

On the 14th June we remembered the 72 people who died in the Grenfell Fire a year ago. 

Since the fire we have been fortunate to work with many inspiring local people and organisations to provide those affected an opportunity for creative expression. 
One project, the Community Memorial Mosaic, is just at the beginning. In partnership with Al Manaar, we will work with a different North Kensington community group each month to add a mosaic petal to the centrepiece. We were honoured when the centrepiece was unveiled as part of the memorial event for survivors, the bereaved, and local community, at the foot of the tower.
On the same weekend artists Lisa Nash and Rachael Nee set up tables, chairs, art materials & refreshments outside Maxilla Studios. At the studios, near the memorial, they opened up an invitation for those who would want to make a creative response and reflect, one year on from Grenfell.
On the morning of 13th July 2018 the first petal was installed. Thanks to artists Tomomi Yoshida & Emily Fuller & the Latymer Community Church who have worked together to produce this beautiful piece.
Image of petal by @grenfellspeaks, 13/07/2018
(Image on header: ITV News)