London, its artists and the studio crisis - The Observer

Sad news for London, the UK and Art as studios disappear alongside its artists. An article in last Sunday’s Observer referred to ACAVA, Cremer Street and the studio crisis.

Duncan Smith, artistic director of (...) Acava, says that the “situation is becoming critical. In the 12 months starting from six months ago we will have lost 200 studios. Traditionally, we rented premises for five-, 10- or 15-year terms, but suddenly they are all disappearing at once.” Eighty of these are in an Acava-managed block in Cremer Street, east London, where the artists were asked by the building’s owner to sign a letter in which they agreed not to oppose its redevelopment as flats, in return for which they will be evicted later rather than sooner. Mostly, they agreed, as “they have no legal basis to protest” and because “they have very few places to go. As “art is a profession and people have professional obligations”, they would rather stay put for as long as possible."

You can access the whole article online via the Guardian Website here: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jun/28/london-the-city-that-ate-itself-rowan-moore

Photography: Sophia Evans for the Observer, Getty Images, Instagram users: @allabroaduk, @ady.rian, @1josy1, @sparrowflu, @heatherfujikawa, @chaiwalla, @flicpic, @jeera