Hinterlands: Opportunity for artists to deliver socially engaged arts projects in Enfield

Hinterlands is a new project in Enfield on behalf of Canal & River Trust. They are seeking artists and art organisations with significant experience of delivering socially engaged arts projects to lead participatory activities with community groups in this area. These events can embrace any art form but will enable participants to creatively explore the canal, actively participate in the arts and connect with the creative sector in and around Enfield. Knowledge of Enfield and/or experience of working in the area is an advantage.

The aim of Hinterland is to connect communities with their canal through a programme of creative consultation and artistic activities. Its aim is also to build up more links with local people and artists/art organisations working in Enfield. The project takes place in two phases: Phase 1, taking place between now and May, is about identifying local communities and connecting them with artists to explore how they might want to engage with the canal,; Phase 2 will be about realising some of the ideas generated by artists/communities and developing those relationships further so they can have real impact in terms of community and artistic engagement.

The Canal and Rivers Trust are keen to work with ACAVA artists as we have started to build an art outreach programme and a community of artists in the Enfield in pretext to our new studios building in the area. Please see the brief for more information and how to apply, or contact Rosie Ridgway rridgway@acava.org for more info.

Image: Christine Matthews / Hidden London