Grenfell memorial gained three new leaves in 2021

Our programme team have moved forward with the Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic project during the months of January, February and March, by adding three new mosaic leaves to the ever-growing mosaic at the base of the tower. 

The three pieces were created by the local school communities of Thomas Jones, St Charles and St. Mary’s primary schools, with assistance from artists Emily Fuller and Tomomi Yoshida, before the beginning of the lockdown. 

Due to the temporary suspension of workshops over the past three months, we won't be installing a leaf on-site in April in time to mark 46 months since the fire. Workshops will resume at the end of the month with staff and pupils from Barlby, Bevington, Colville, Golborne and Maxilla Nursery and Oxford Gardens Schools, to complete the remaining leaves in time for the four-year memorial in June.

Learn more about our plans to reopen our programmes in North Kensington here.


Image by Jason Garcia