Gathering evening part of 'Rooting'

Silvina Soria would like to invite you for special evening on Friday as part of her exhibition at ACAVA's Central Space Gallery. 

There will be drinks and live music from 6pm by alasVALS and Paulo Giron.
alasVALS is London based argentine singer songwriter Silvia Demetilla creating an ethereal folk, a minimal sound that take you back to other landscapes and deep feelings. Paulo Giron, who has just arrived from Brasil, will bring some fresh sounds from his homeland. 
This is a free event part of 'Rooting', an exhibition by Silvina Soria at ACAVA's Central Space on Faroe Road, West London.
RSVP through the FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1434787806847039/
Opening hours for the exhibition are:
Fri 10th July from 12-9pm
Sat 11, Sun 12 July 12-6pm
or by appointment
'Rooting' is a site-specific installation designed for Central Space developing concepts and adapting a series of three dimensional maps using systems made of wire, steel and cable. The work expands along the space as roots spreading from the floor to the ceiling, extending the map analogy and creating an installation that explores the idea of rooting.
This exhibition is part of Assembly, a programme of exhibitions curated by artist and lecturer Denise Bryan that ask questions about how sculpture relates to the architecture in which it is placed and how site-specific installations can be transformed when they are recreated in alternative spaces.
Acava Central Space, 23-29 Faroe Rd London W14 0EL, UK