Freya Gabie and Esmeralda Valencia Lindstrom representing ACAVA at Doremifasolasido residency

We are delighted to announce ACAVA’s nominees to participate in the Arts Council England  funded Doremifasolasido 2016 residency at Florence Art Centre in Cumbria.

Members Freya Gabie (Collective Studios) and Esmeralda Valencia Lindström (Flying Angel Studios) will be representing ACAVA during the week long residency alongside artists from C-Art, East Street Arts, Islington Mill Art Academy, The Newbridge Project, Open School East and Linsey Young. 
Participating artists will create work, from sculpture to performance and film, in response to the Florence Mine site culminating in a weekend of public events including an exhibition of spoken word, screenings and artist critiques.
Organisers: Jocelyn McGregor, Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens and Stephanie Farmer