Flourish @ Home

We are wishing all our families well at this difficult time. Although we have had to suspend our usual Flourish Programme, we have lots planned for families to take part in at home during the school holidays.

Flourish are launching an animation project for families to complete over the Spring holidays. We will be working with animator Sophie Burrows. Sophie is busy creating a series of 'How To' films to support you in shooting a stop-frame animation and will be offering expert advice throughout the process.

But before that happens, we need your help!

We want to find a way to work together, which means all working on the same story. Rather than Sophie deciding what this will be, we would like families to write a short story for us - all the stories we receive will be amalgamated and each family will be given a section to animate.

The final film will be a collaboration between all the participants and will be uploaded onto our website to celebrate. Each family will also be given a copy of the film to keep.

The Brief:
Your story can be simple and needs to be set in Brazil featuring the following characters:

• A butterfly

• A crocodile

• A horse

Depending on the age of your children, it may be easier to use a storyboard. When writing your story it may be helpful to think about a basic structure with your children: 

• BEGINNING - Introduce a character  - whereabouts in Brazil are they and what are they doing?

• MIDDLE - There is a problem that needs to resolving 

• MIDDLE - They may resolve the problem, make it worse or something else may happen 

• END - The experience means at least one of the characters changes - how do they change? What do we learn from the story?

Sometimes ideas can be easier to think about if you all become the characters. We want you to have some fun creating the story and it can be as experimental and abstract as you like!

We hope this can also contribute to any school work the children may need to be doing.

Once you have written or drawn out your story please email it to Lisa Nash, lisa (dot) nash (at) acava (dot) org by Thursday 2nd April. We look forward to receiving them!

Regular Flourish artists Camilla, Heather and Ursula are busy creating resources for you to do at home. More news about that very soon!