Flourish: Cosmic

Creative fun exploring all things lunar this half term at Maxilla Studios. Free and for North Kensington families, from Monday 21 October to Thursday 24 October 2019.


Light Shapers, with Josh Bilton

Monday 21 October, 2pm-4pm
Family workshop

Design and construct large mirrored structures that reflect and hang in space. These sculptural objects will create the first layer of an installation at Maxilla Studios. There will be an option to make larger wearable versions to turn bodies into moon-like beings...

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Walking on the Moon, with Ali Williams

Tuesday 22 October, 10.30am-11.30am
Storytelling/ Family workshop

Our resident storyteller Ali will work with props, puppets, movement and the children to create and hour of magical and fascinating luna tales!

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Moons and Craters, with Josh Bilton

Tuesday 22 October, 2pm-4pm
Family workshop

Explore mark-making using acetate, colourful pens and projections. Collage images of the moon and craters gathered from the NASA archive. Project these artworks onto large sheets of fabric to create the second layer of the luna installation.

Find out more about Josh's work here. Book you family place here.


Refract, Project & Spin, with Josh Bilton

Wednesday 23 October, 2pm-4pm
Family workshop

Using 35mm negatives, overlay newly drawn shapes and patterns and project these on to the wall. Create hanging sculptures that spin and refract light, making patterns and shadows to animate the project space.

Find out more about Josh's work here.
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Luna Charms, with Ursula Kelly

Thursday 24 October, 2pm-4pm
Teens only

Wonder Woman was based on the Roman Goddess Diana, who was said to be Goddess of the moon. Young people will design and fabricate numerous whimsical Diana-inspired artefacts to add to the installation whilst learning skills in embossing and casting. 

Find out more about Ursula's work here.
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HIBERNATE! Day event open to all

Celebrate Flourish, sign up to future programmes and join ACAVA and the Westway Trust for a day of gardening and art.

Giant Bug Hotels and Winter Wormeries
Saturday 26 October, 10.30am-12.30pm
At Maxilla Studios

Help build the insects a safe home for winter and a place for worms to make compost for the Forest School garden.

Community Lunch
Saturday 26 October, 12.45pm-1.45pm
At Bay 20

Lantern Making
Saturday 26 October, 2pm-4pm
At Maxilla Studios

As we turn back the clocks and the days get shorter, join artist Ursula Kelly to create sculptural paper lanterns to illuminate the long winter evenings.