FEZADA! Acava Members Show 2014

Join us this Thursday 7th August 2014 at 5pm for our members show FEZADA! curated by members Matilda Moors and Sara Nunes Fernandes, at Central Space, the ACAVA ehxibition space in West London.

With work by ACAVA members Sam Keogh, Hannah Stearn, Rosie Ridgway, Dexter Dymoke, Chooc Ly Tan, Kitty Clark, Liam Wright-Higgins, Lucy Clout, Maarten Van Den Bos, Zoe Lloyd, Sohrab Crews, Tony Beers, Alex Strachan, Matilda Moors and Sara Nunes Fernandes.

FEZADA! is a Portuguese word with no English translation.

It's a word for throwing yourself into something, luck, believing in your convictions and having everything work out in the end. FEZADA! is shirking your responsibilities so that you can do something you really believe in, and pulling it off, spectacularly. There’s a criticality to this irreverent trust in your intuition that is connected to the processes of making. A commitment to having a go no matter how things turn out and an element of chance that should be revelled in.

Opening with performances on Thursday 7th August 2014 5pm to 9pm. Open by appointment until 24th August.