Exhibition by Andrew Rickett at BAKIIBAK gallery

Andrew Rickett, an artist and ACAVA's Property Manager, is presenting a new body of work in an exhibition titled 'Lyfe' at BAKIIBAK gallery in East Sussex. 

The show departs from a contained biosphere of yeast and sludge to a mythological universe imagined by the artist.  Spokesman Ben Lees has said about the show:

“The exhibition’s title Lyfe is taken from a hypothetical expansion of the definition of life to encompass a greater range of physical and chemical systems.

“Through working with and reforming crushed matter Andrew Rickett is involved in a re-blending of the experiential vitality and affective qualities of material and objecthood.

“The act of crushing and reforming is one of destroying material hierarchies; each material becomes no more or less important that the others, or those used to bind them, in the overall formation of the work.

“From the anthropocentric perspective, each separate material contains loaded histories and narratives from its previous or intended usage, the coalition of these as mixes of matter becomes a testing of its qualities as blended data, image, histories, scale, utility, reality, and myth.”

Lyfe is open weekends until 27 September BAKIIBAK gallery in East Sussex. Read more about it here.