Prepare your own windowsill planter at Maxilla Men's Shed

Maxilla Men's Shed is pleased to announce their first workshop and collaboration with London Sustainability Exchange (LSx).


Windowsill Planters: Build & Plant Workshop

A two day workshop inspired by Project Pollinator Paths, transforming London's outdoor spaces to help local pollinators.
Day 1
Tuesday 29th October, 10am to 2pm

 Working under the guidance of our specialist carpenter, build your very own windowsill planter box to take home. Using woodworking tools to measure, cut, build and assemble your wooden windowsill boxes.
Day 2
Wednesday 30th October, 11am to 1pm

Working under the guidance of our specialist Pollinator expert, fill your newly designed and handmade pollinator-friendly windowsill box with compost, crocus bulbs and plants, ready to take home. Gain gardening for wildlife skills and help foster green spaces.
To book your space, please apply by filling this form.


Windowsill Planters: Build Workshop

Building together 20 planters for a local community organisation. For this workshop we will be building 20 planters for a local community organisation whose members will be taking part in pollinator-friendly planting process.

 Wednesday 6th November, 10am to 2pm 

Come along and enjoy our new community Maxilla Men's Shed space. Join in the process, learn and make windowsill planters under the guidance of our specialist carpenter using woodworking tools, meet new members and find out more about our next specialist courses.
To book your space, please apply by filling this form.

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Maxilla Men's Shed, ACAVA Maxilla Studios, 4 Maxilla Walk, W10 6NQ


About Maxilla Men's Shed

Connected with the international Men’s Shed movement, Maxilla Men's Shed is a space in North Kensington where local adults can come to learn, teach, make, share and socialise. An enjoyable way to stay socially integrated with our local community, stay active and learn or pass on transferable skills in a workshop environment and through specialised training programmes.

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