Doremifasolasido Artists Selected

Doremifasolasido is an annual group residency that invites emerging artists from around the country to Cumbria to forge links between artists and arts organisations working in urban and rural settings. 

We have selected the artists Josh Bilton and Ana Carolina Rodrigues to participate at this year’s residency at The Coniston Institute, a community run village hall in the heart of Coniston, with the support of Grizedale Arts.

About the selected artists:

Josh Bilton 

(b. Hertfordshire, UK) is based in London.  He studied at the London College of Communication, completing his BA in Photography in 2007. He graduated with an MA in Photography in 2010 from the Royal College of Art. His practice in photography and video shifts between performance and documentary, often constructing scenarios that both depict and engender subjective encounters with our environment and its histories.  His latest work Undersong consists of an immersive three-screen video installation and self- guided audio walking tour that delves into the semiotics of Portland stone, from its geological origins to its heralded place in the construction of British sovereign identity.  

Josh Bilton, Alignment 1, C-type hand print, 55 x 70cm, 2014


Work in progress, Cave & Karst exploration, 2017  


Ana Carolina Rodrigues

Immense wood sculptures bent and carved almost to the limit, raw pigment covers the dark recesses creating an opacity in the piece that the viewer only realizes is empty when they are very close to the sculpture. These limits and recesses summon up a deep-felt sense of the intangible but also, at the same time, their physical existence; presence and absence. I work in different scales, across numerous series of work: starting with gestures the works take shape, they give body to memory; a topology of a feeling.

My drawings contain the presence of a trunk, they resemble a human or a tree; wood or skin. Made predominantly with layers of lines drawn in charcoal, it is the variance in density that creates the form. My working process is very intuitive and I try to give shape to intangible things, whilst attempting to create a form that is unimaginable.

Being sensitive when transforming the material into objects I allow for chance encounters during the making. My aim: to translate an experience without representing it, giving me new discoveries and knowledge, expanding my experience, toward more life.


Image: Being-Here