Could you be our next Young Photographer?

Image by Jason Garcia, former Young Photographer


We are looking for young people living in North Kensington for a paid part time work placement with ACAVA to learn photography alongside professional photographer Zute Lightfoot. 

You will come away from the project with a full body of work for your portfolio and a real life understanding of how to shoot engaging photos and manage an ongoing relationship with a client. Through mentoring, we will also help you to develop ideas for your own projects. 

On our instagram account you can watch Ashleigh Ramel, one of our young photographers, reflect on her experience of working alongside Zute Lightfoot.

After finishing their menteeship our Young Photographers alumni have been commissioned by local organisations for other professional work, so this could be a great opportunity to jumpstart your photographic career.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please read the full brief and find out how you can apply by downloading this document.

Deadline for receipt of applications: 9am Tuesday 22 October 2020


Image credit: Jason Garcia, ACAVA's Young Photographer alumnus

Image description: Photograph of five light-skinned photographers pointing their camera in the same direction. One of them is on their knees probably checking the screen of the camera. You can see white large buildings and one large tree behind them. Image is taken from across from these people, and from behind someone else's shoulders, which are out of focus due to lack of depth on the photograph. Image was taken outdoors in the sunlight. At least two people are wearing green pieces of clothing or fabric.