Chronovision: free video workshops for children

* Update 17 March 2020: These activities have been suspended *


Chronovision is a series of free video workshops for children aged between 7-12 and their parents, to co-create a YouTube channel broadcasting imaginary documentaries from the future.

The participants will co-create props, puppets, dioramas, backdrops, costumes and sound effects, and then play out and film various imaginary scenarios of the future, while learning video techniques, story telling and animation, under the guidance of artists Billy A B and Kira Zhigalina. The materials will be mostly found objects and recyclables.

The workshops will create a space for local children and their families to playfully explore the current challenges facing society and planet Earth and consider creative solutions using a science fictive framework.

The workshops will be held on weekends between January and April, culminating in two exhibitions in May.

You can attend all the weekends or some, for bookings and more info go to www.multivitaminfilms.com

Maxilla Studios
4 Maxilla Walk
London W10 6NQ