Callout for a film maker and a graphic designer

ACAVA is looking for a film maker and a graphic designer as part of a new NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group (WLCCG) funded project called ‘Art for Wellbeing: Everyday’ AKA ‘AWE’.

The project will work with WLCCG patients (anyone aged 18+ living within the catchment area and registered with a GP). Artists will teach participants a new art skill over six weeks, in turn participants will inform the development of a ‘how to guide’ to that technique. The guides will then be available across health and community settings within the CCG catchment area to encourage local people to use creativity for their own wellbeing at home and in their communities.

We are looking for a film maker to make a short promotional film about one of the first six week projects, to support the promotion of the rest of the programme and a graphic designer to work with us throughout the project, ending in December 2019.

The briefs for both opportunities - including information on how to apply - can be found on this page.

For further information please contact our Programme Manager, Isabella Niven, iniven@acava.org