ActionSpace expands into ACAVA's Flying Angel Studio

As ActionSpace aims to create more opportunities for artists with learning disabilities across London to access professional studio facilities, they are expanding into a new studio space in Newham at ACAVA’s Flying Angel Studio.

ActionSpace Artist Facilitator Michelle Kurth began facilitating sessions at the new studio in March of this year. So far the new artists have spent time becoming familiar with the new environment. They are experimenting with new materials and have progressed from working centrally in the room to using the full space and creating larger scale works on the walls. The artists in this studio project are Abdul Jalil, David Elton, George Cooper, Bashir Khodabocus, Helen Biney and Deborah Lulendo.
If you or someone you know is interested in joining this project, you can call 020 7209 4289 or email info@actionspace.org.