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How do I apply for an available studio?
To apply for an ACAVA studio, complete the Studio Enquiry Form.

How can I find out what studios are currently available?
Visit the Available Studios section of this website or sign up to our mailing list.

Can I make an email enquiry about available studios?
Yes. Please contact the studio allocations team by emailing: studios (at) acava (dot) org.

How quickly can I expect to receive a response?
We aim to respond to all enquiries within five working days.

Does ACAVA have a waiting list for vacant studios?
No. We circulate information about currently available studios via our mailing list and via the listing on this website (see above).

Does ACAVA apply criteria when allocating studios?
Yes. We want our studios to be used by a diverse range of practitioners and practices and to provide opportunities for artists at all stages of their career. ACAVA's criteria are designed to ensure that our studio communities are vibrant, active, supportive and creative. In some studio settings, context specific criteria apply.

What are ACAVA's criteria when allocating a studio?
ACAVA prioritises applications that demonstrate one, or more, of the following:

  • Quality of work
  • Ambition
  • Emerging practitioners
  • Artists working professionally
  • Increasing participation in the contemporary arts
  • Public engagement
  • Support the professional development of artists
  • Socially engaged art practices
  • International collaboration
  • Underrepresented groups in the arts, including: BAME; LGBTQ; disabled or socio-economically disadvantaged artists
  • Likely amount of time the space will be used

ACAVA allocates project spaces based on our criteria and availability. Decisions are final and we do not have the capacity to enter into dialogue with applicants who are unsuccessful.

Is it possible to licence a studio for short term use?
Yes. ACAVA operates a number of project spaces that are available to use for varying timescales. Visit the Project Spaces section of this website for further information.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, we require 2 months deposit plus £30 key deposit for single occupancy. This is paid in addition to your first month’s rent, which is calculated based on the date you move in.

What does the license fee include?
The Licence Fee includes everything except power. This is billed annually at the end of March. You will make a contribution towards power each month to offset against the final power bill.

Project spaces

What are project spaces?
ACAVA offers a small number of studios for use as temporary project spaces. They are available for periods of up to one year (terms are flexible/negotiable).

Who can apply to use a project space?
We encourage applications from individual artists, collaborators, groups, curators, producers, arts organisations, galleries and social enterprises who are engaged in, or support, the contemporary arts or other cultural projects.

What are ACAVA's criteria when allocating a project space?
ACAVA uses broadly the same criteria for project spaces as it does for studios, however, as project spaces are used for shorter periods of time we are more relaxed about applying these criteria. We are open to discussing proposals for different kinds of uses.

Where are project spaces located?
Many of our buildings have a project space but their availability varies constantly, so it is advisable to make an initial email enquiry by contacting the studio allocations team at: studios (at) acava (dot) org.

Are project spaces subsidised?
Currently, we cannot offer subsidy or funding for project spaces.

ACAVA members use of project spaces
Existing ACAVA members may apply to use project spaces for short periods of time at a subsidised rate, depending on availability.

How do I apply for a project space?
Please complete the Project Spaces Application Form.


Art Programming

I am an artist and I am interested in getting involved in the delivery of ACAVA’s community programmes.
All paid opportunities for artists to deliver aspects of our community programmes are advertised via our website, social media feeds and mailing list. To ensure you hear as soon as an opportunity is advertised please sign up to our mailing list and select ‘programme’ as an area you are interested in.