Within & Without at Whitefriars Studios

Peter Esslemont and Cherry Ehrlich have prepared the exhibition ‘Within & Without’ for the gallery at Whitefriars studios in Harrow.

This exhibition brings together the work of two artists who in different ways explore a generative approach to art making. For both, process is important as a route to self-discovery and revealing content. Cherry’s work, through its perpetual making and re-making, is always re-inventing itself. Peter’s drawings, often conceived as a series, also share this provisional ethos. We hope that the exhibition shows that art can be at the same time a subjective response and a meditation on the world around us.

Exhibition open: 30 October – 4 November 11am–4pm
Private View: 30 October 5-8pm

*Images 1–3 (Details): Cherry Ehrlich; Images 4–6 (Details): Peter Esslemont.