A Sonorous Expedition at Maxilla Space

A Sonorous Expedition is an ecological, social and audiovisual research journey through Panama, ending as a transformation to the environment of the Maxilla Space in London. 

In Panama, Ana Carolina was based in the indigenous community of Guna Yala’s rainforest, which covers much of Panama’s eastern Caribbean coast; the aim was to learn from the indigenous community ecological and sustainable ways of living. 

The show, which is presented under the A40 in North Kensington, one of the most polluted places in London, asks how we can recover our ancestral connection to the space around us and believe in progression, without damaging our ecosystem. 

For this exhibition Carolina has created a site specific-installation at Maxilla Space, and has collaborated with artist Christopher Taylor for one of the radio broadcasts.

The exhibition is accompanied by three radio broadcasts on Resonance Extra on Wednesday 10th, Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th October at 11am.

This project has been supported by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and ACAVA.

Ana Carolina Rodrigues