SIDES, exhibition by Sally Hardcastle at Eastgate Gallery

SIDES is new exhibition of sculpture and mixed media work by Sally Hardcastle. SIDES documents an ongoing exploration in natural sculpture and repetitive process. It considers the intersection between organically occurring realities and human intention. Poetry intertwines with forms in nature. Hands reach. Oil drips.

Sally Hardcastle is an artist and performance designer based in Harlow.

A programme of free, stand-alone workshops is taking place over the month of January in connection with this exhibition.

11th January, 11am–2pm
Paper Sculpture: 3D Art (Open to all ages, BSL accessible) 

18th January, 10am–3pm
Portfolio Building Workshop (14-19yrs) 

25th January, 11am–1pm
Bird Feeder Building (Families) 


More info www.sallyhardcastle.com