Seasons II at Maxilla Space

Ana Carolina Rodrigues is proud to present the second four-part annual project Seasons, at Maxilla Space. Seasons II will be an open evening on Saturday 1st of July featuring ten artists mainly showing performance work.

The show will take place after the end of June when the Sun stood still in declination. In that moment the seasonal movement of the sun ́s path came to a stop before changing direction and marking the arrival of a new season. In this occasion lies an attempt to bring artists together to reflect on this change and the inevitable interconnection with the surrounding environment, in dialogue with the space of Maxilla.
The event will also feature drawings, poems, and statements made during the workshop, on the Saturday 17th of June, for the local families from North Kensington.
Jheni Arboine, Gerard Carson, Oliver Gingrich, Tuli Litvak, Lisa Nash, Lana Locke, Rachael Nee, Ana Salomé Paiva & Ana Carolina Rodrigues, Jonathan Trayner