Riverside Artists Group at Riverside Studios

Riverside @ riverside is an exhibition by members of Riverside Artists Group (RAG) at Riverside Studios

Celebrating a return of the Riverside Artists Group (RAG) to Riverside Studios, ‘Riverside @ Riverside’ presents 27 works from a group that was originally formed in 1986 at Riverside Studios, Crisp Road. Now the new Riverside Studios, re-built and re-fashioned into a modern dynamic cultural venue hosting theatre, TV, film, events, cafes, and art, begins with works from visual artists practising in West London. At a time when each organisation and the community which it includes can deliver vibrancy into an area, the rich diversity of works from these emerging and established artists is impressive. RAG, as it did in the past, continues to support its members and to encourage discussion, reflection and enjoyment. 

Exhibition open Monday to Sunday 8am – 10pm at the Central Atrium and Studio 4 

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Image: C. Morey de Morand ‘Fair Flight’


The Riverside Artists Group

The Riverside Artists Group (RAG) was formed in 1986 after an open submission exhibition that was organised by Greg Hilty, then Arts Director of Riverside Studios, and Kate Macfarlane, Public Visual Arts. There was such a large response that an Open Forum meeting was organised by Stephen Williams, Liz Taunt and John Baraldi (Chief Executive, Riverside Studios). From these beginnings a group of approximately 40 members came together. RAG’s aim has always been to support and promote practising visual artists in west London. With a changing and developing membership, it has exhibited not only at Riverside Studios but also widely in the UK and abroad. RAG, run by artists for artists. 


Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios, located on the Thames in the west London neighbourhood of Hammersmith, is a place where artists, audiences and communities come together to discover, take part in and enjoy extraordinary arts and entertainment. Originally an iron foundry, Riverside was converted into a film studio in the 1930s and has been used as an ever-evolving film, television studio and arts venue until it was closed in 2014 for redevelopment. It is now a brand-new complex of flexible performance and work spaces that include a state-of-the-art TV studio, a cinema and screening room open for all, event and rehearsal spaces, bars and restaurants as well as a gallery and a display of Riverside’s archive that spans its remarkable history.


Artists exhibiting

Mike Abrahams
E. Lynne Beel
Clare Belfield
Peter Blegvad
Natalia Boborova
G. Calvert
Stephen Carter
Grazyna Cydzik
Emma Davis
Lucille Dweck
Brian Deighton
Josie Deighton
Shona Elrick
Chloe Fremantle
Maire Gartland
Saadeh George
Janey Hagger
Pauline Harding
Martin Ireland
C. Morey de Morand
Maria T Pastor
Romy Rey
Jim Sitch
Celia Toler
Greta Wakil
Miles Watson
Stephen Williams