Pried from the Pit exhibition by Gerard Carson at Maxilla Studios

Speculating via a mode of material fabrication, “Pried from the Pit” features new works by Gerard Carson that ruminate on elusive an extemporaneous forces/tendencies that play out in an indeterminate field of fabulation. Objects collude, materials mesh, and language is (re)rendered into hyperbolic prognostications.
“Pried from the Pit” comes from a networked mesh of matter that is mediated by means of actuated assemblages, whereby objects and material harbour potentialities of autonomy, straying from anthropos, fostering their own distant and indifferent agencies.
“Sneaking through as an occluded interloper,
Fashioned in the back room,
Growing out of a holey dump...
Beginning to feed off this construct.
Quivering with ecstasy...
This figure...
Pried from the pit.”
Private view: 1 December 2016 6-9pm
Show open: 1-16 December (by appointment only)
Artist’s website: