The inaugural exhibition of the re-launched Studio One Gallery opened on 21st June 2012 following collaboration between Cato Music, one of the largest providers of tour, rehearsal, production and crew facilities for the music industry, Collective Studios, and ACAVA.

The exhibition includes work by Sara Andersdotter, Nick Barratt, Chris Bennett, Tori Brown, Tom Camp, Cordelia Cembrowicz, Coral Churchill, Bernat Daviu & Bjorn, Charlie Day, Paula Day, Marg Duston, Philip Elbourne, Anna Fleming, Georgie Flood, Vasilisa Forbes, Robin Gardiner, Paul Griffiths, Susan P Healey, Joseph Lewis, Ursula Kelly, Anna Lewis, Lana Locke, Fiona Long, Maria Lopez, Laura McGrath, Ruth Murray, Lisa Muten, Mark Nader, Susannah Nathanson, Jessica Nina Mello, Eliseo Pau, Xavier Pick, Christopher Shilling, William Shilling & Alexander, Janette Staton, Kathy Taylor, Adam Walker, and Kyle Zeto.