The Moving North: Exhibition At Maxilla Space

The moving north is an installation of painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography by the art collective humor líquido prepared for ACAVA’s Maxilla Space, following an invitation by the artist Ana Carolina Rodrigues.

The moving north conveys an image of movement contained at the core of immobility, a paradox that is present in the images and objects we have gathered from the following idea: spring comes from the north.

We propose the vision of a particular atmospheric state, an association of moods present both in nature and in human emotions, so often indefinable, strange, paradoxical. The vision we propose, born of this liquid humor, is based on the need to express this melancholy of the ambiguous, in the cold frost of winter, with its fertile, contained, promise.

With humor líquido: Anabela Mota, Ana Mata, Catarina Domingues, Marta Castelo, Nádia Duvall, Sara Belo and Teresa Projecto.

Curated by Ana Carolina Rodrigues

Exhibition private view: 

2 March 6-9pm

Continues until 9 March by appointment only.

On Saturday 3rd March, a programme of art workshops addressed to families of North Kensington will be run by the collective of artists and the curator. 

Where is the north? Can it move? Where does spring comes from? Does it come to us, or must we search for it?

In this activity, we will be looking for spring, we will be moving and creating our north – our point of reference. We will do so by folding and unfolding pieces of paper, drawing on them, hiding and revealing the drawings, dividing them through the folds, like a map of an interior geography. We could tear a piece of paper and draw upon the fragments, each fragment a different map. We could throw them into the air, like paper planes, sent out in quest, or sent letters.

This art workshop is best suited for children aged 4-9yrs alongside their parents/carers.

Workshop orientation by humor líquido. Booking is essential: carolinarodrigues085@gmail.com

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Supported by ACAVA