Michael Cubey, New Paintings

Painting is still here, despite it having been killed off many times since the 1840s. It may indeed be Undead, in which case you would really need to make sure you had the right bullets to finish the job, or cut off the head. 

But painting should acknowledge that while it is in a fitter state of health than the Bald Headed Art Men would like, it may well be irrelevant. And that can be a glorious and quite liberating place to be.

Moving away from his earlier abstract work, seeing it as a dead end road, Cubey has increasingly populated his shallow painted worlds with what are often dark shadowy figures, and painted 'signs', most notably the recurring question mark motif. This is more recently combined with grotesque, comical elements - the laughing, grinning, vomiting heads.

What has remained constant over the years in Cubey's work is a very physical approach to painting, using objects such as paintbrushes hanging off the painting, painting on shaped supports such as ping pong paddles or chair seats, a strong use of colour and a very evident love of paint itself.

The exhibition runs until 15th December 2012 

The gallery will be open and Michael will be in attendance on the following Saturdays: 
24th Nov, 1st Dec, 8th Dec from 11.30 - 4pm

Otherwise the gallery is by appointment only. 
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info@collectivestudios.co.uk / 07856 731015
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07932 744 709 / michael@cubey.org