Life of Pye (Part 2) an exhibition by Harry Pye at Studio One Gallery

“Life of Pye” (Part 2) is the second instalment of Harry Pye’s “The 42 collaboration project".

Harry Pye was born in South London 42 years ago. He has organised events and exhibitions at Elefest, Deptford X and both Tate Britain and Tate Modern and has exhibited his work in Brazil, China, and Estonia. “Life of Pye” (Part 2) features a never before seen painting of Adam & Eve, a tribute to Richard Hamilton, curious photos, drawings inspired by a forgotten 80s sitcom, defaced Bryan Ferry album sleeves, a radio show and several surprises. Pye made the work in collaboration with his talented friends including: Jacob Beaney, Emma Coleman, Liz Cook, Marcus Cope, Gordon Beswick, Luke Gottelier, Paul Hamilton, Fanny Janssen, Erica Macarthur, Francis Macdonald, Adrian R. Shaw, Rowland Smith, Natasha Xavier, Tracey Williams and Aleksandra Wojcik.
Preview: Thursday 4 August, 6–9pm
Open 12–6pm Friday 5 August; And thereafter on weekends between 6 and 21 August, 12–6pm.