It’s a World at Studio One Gallery, Paintings by Father and daughter Gary Goodman and Bambi Goodman

Father and daughter Gary Goodman and Bambi Goodman show their paintings, and Gary reads his poetry.

Opening: 28 Sep 2016, 6pm
Bambi Goodman:
Making paintings just seems to be something I do, like going for a walk or making breakfast. I have painted through an anxiety attack and a broken heart, but I think they have an existence all of their own, separate to me. I like it that way. They are sensitive paintings, while playful and gaudy at times.
Gary Goodman:
I make pictures and I write poems;
it’s a bad habit, it stops me getting bored.
These paintings, drawings and poems are often autobiographical but, like with flypaper, lots of other things stick around:
a book on the table
the full moon
lonely bent-over trees by the side of the road
a blackbird singing in the garden at dusk
looking into the eyes of living animals with warm blood flowing through their bodies
sitting inside watching plump snowflakes slowly drop early evening against streetlamps
walking along the sad seafront out of season.