An Instant Longer at Studio One Gallery

An Instant Longer is an exhibition of small scale oil paintings that investigate the hidden human histories behind seemingly insignificant, quotidian objects. 

Often ignored, these objects bear witness to human sensuous activity, be it remembered, lived, forgotten or mythologised. In these intimate works the familiar objects - chairs, tables, shelves, a cupboard, a white shirt - appear as stark formal arrangements despite the narratives that could be placed upon them.

The exhibition’s title, ‘An Instant Longer’, refers to painting’s ongoing and deep rooted relationship with photography (photography providing the starting point for these works). 

“This is painting with a strong impulse to document what has been seen and related to – as recalled experience, photograph, drawing, then finally – over a protracted period of time – as painting.” (Tom Palin 2017).

In recent years Richard’s work has been selected for The Marmite Prize for Painting (2016), The Lynn Painter-Stainer’s Prize (2016), The Discerning Eye Exhibition (2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2010) and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (2012, 2009).