The improbability of a well-balanced mind

The improbability of a well-balanced mind came about from my life long fascination of the human race and how it interacts with itself, on both a global and individual to individual basis. I invited five Gatehouse artists to join me and create new works based on their interpretation of my theme, with the proviso that the work had to be in either a sculptural or installation format. Rob Davies, curator.

ROBERT DAVIES - Seesaw (installation) and Bottle bank (installation)

The seesaw is one of the most simple examples of a mechanical system, it has two symmetrical positions - one side is stable, while the other is unstable.

Approximately 3 human beings die every minute through using or consuming dirty or contaminated water ...

ROB JONES - Fragments of an undertable mind (video installation)

Fragments of an undertable mind examines the apparent gap between what I was taught as a child, and what I have now become as an adult. My background in commercial art and design, has helped in the production of many of my recent works, but I will also use any medium or material (including humour) when I need to realise an idea or concept.

JANE BURNETT - Not the end (floor installation)

This piece is about the temporariness of our existence and the fragility of the materials used in the making of both the work and the artist…it is no accident that this parallel is made, the challenge is what will endure for the longest time…the temporary state of ‘being’ to be seen as an attribute, the obsessive repetition a part of the emotional control over the moment of realisation of that very ’temporariness’…

Silent broadcast (wall installation)

An investigation into the "Chinese whisper", and the way that notions, beliefs, secrets, opinions become distorted and exaggerated in their passing on. The implication that ‘communication’ in the Modern world has become an exercise in subterfuge-a kind of anti-communication…an arena for madness, of misinterpretation and potential disaster…

NORIKO MATSUBARA - Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Cause & Effect (wall installation) and Round Thought (hanging installation)

A nuclear fuel reprocessing plant was built near my childhood playground and its neighbouring area has become a burial ground for radioactive waste from all over Japan. My background made me aware of notions of a "life out of balance" at a young age and it continues to influence the way I work. Nuclear power is rationalised by the industry as a panacea to the energy industry’s contribution to global warming. Many people used to believe in the mainstream which advocates nuclear power is necessary. After the Fukushima accident, do they still believe in that?

A common criticism of green ideals is its champions would only be happy if we all went back to living in caves. In fact a green economy needs educated people and thoughtful application of its technologies. It requires an intelligent long-term and sustainable solution to solve its energy problems.

CHRISTIANE FRANZ - When the light fades (video installation)

Often my work revolves around the element of light. In this animation I want to encourage the viewer to take a closer look, to use the gentle play of light to observe another dimension of life in the forest.

Hong Voong - INVADERS MUST DIE !! (order out of chaos) (animation - floor installation)

Invaders must die !! (order out of chaos) is a two part piece that explores the workings of the human condition, it describes the human race as a formality created out of a chaotic and a quite destructive nature. The 100 separate art pieces represent a chaotic clash of mass interactions.