Exgesis for the Modern Detoxer, an Exhibition by Kris Lock at Maxilla Space

Maxilla Space is proud to host the work of recent Camberwell College of Art graduate, Kris Lock, whose work ruminates on distortions of potential realities, mixing/conflicting narratives, and the ability of objects/materials/matter to act as thresholds into alternative points of existence.

Concerned with speculative futures and internal fictions, ‘Modern Detoxer’ beholds the earth speaking through words again. Clay mask therapies become embroiled with ancestry and meditation becomes an archival access point. Geologies are sacrificially formed in order to view the erosion of bits and the interplay between silicon and silicate. Questions of preserving and archiving are re-narrated through our proximities to earth, technology and mnemonics. An examination of modern conditions, and fascinations with the external, slips through porous surface into sediments and echolocations. An archaeology of memory uncovered through soft movement.


Private view: Thu 8 June 2017 6–9pm

Exhibition open: 8-23 June 2017