Cruel and Tender at Studio One Gallery

We frequently see something that is not there, or, at best, we see something that is there but at which we can no more than hint. (Bataille,1957) 

Cruel and Tender takes as it’s starting point a quote on the writing of Franz Kafka, in George Batailles essay Literature and Evil. Cruel and Tender brings together artists whose work makes something out of uncertainty, avoiding cliché and sentimentality. A disquieting malady can be found in the deformed, recomposed and absence, there is something that is fundamentally tragic in these artworks.
Each work is distinct but harmonise, individually and collectively their ambiguity raises more questions than answers. What we see suggests a psychological multiplicity, dealing with the dark side of personality.
Espen Erichsen
Kate Lyddon
Laura White
Corinna Spencer
Sharon Leahy-Clark
James Pyman
Mel Cole