Lyric Square

A group concerned about the narrow, dangerous side road close to the heart of Hammersmith, which led from King Street past the uncared for backs of buildings, campaigned to turn it into a pedestrianised centre and create a pleasant place where people could meet, a focus missing from the busy interchange of Hammersmith Broadway.

The group, made up of the Lyric Theatre which backed onto the road, commercial businesses close by, and ACAVA, secured the support of the local authority, the road was closed and levelled, and plans drawn up to create Lyric Square.

As the realisation of these plans was to take some time, ACAVA was commissioned to create an artwork which would celebrate the changes and mark the transition to the stone paved open space with fountains and trees, cafes and pubs which would eventually be created.

Barbara Nicholls worked with local schools, studying in particular how people move and graphic ways of representing movement, and produced designs which were painted over the entire square by council employees using road marking tools and materials.