Education Business Services International

Working in collaboration with EBSI, Education Business Services International, ACAVA facilitates workshops in schools and ACAVA studios for young people considering curriculum choices and future career directions. Artists discuss their work, outline the many opportunities in the creative and cultural industries, and explain the educational routes. Over 1,500 have attended these workshops, many pursuing careers in the visual arts better informed by them.

  • A recent letter to artist Barbara Nichols:

Hi Barbara, I'm Jake Smart from brentside high school. I was in your first session today and I'm looking through your website and I love your work. I might even do a study of you and your work for my GCSE artist research if that would be okay? You actually inspried me to have a career in art and I'm definatly thinking about a degree in theatre design after a foundation diploma in fine art.

Thank you for visiting brentside,

Jake Smart

10S Brentside High School