Current exhibitions.

ACAVA frequently sets up and manages galleries in its studio buildings and also supports the establishment of innovative, artists run spaces such as Studio|one in Wandsworth and Gatehouse Arts in Harlow.

Some such initiatives became commercially successful such as Vilma Gold, Nettie Horn, Agency and Limoncello.

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Enzo Marra 'Drawn Out Encounters' at Studio One Gallery
24 Mar 2017 
 - 2 Apr 2017
The inherent immediacy in the action of drawing, related to the caught scenes recorded in each image. The subject of viewing explored amongst the different works on show, whether it may be the motif of the observer, the artist or the auction house...
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Exhibition Seasons at Maxilla Space
23 Mar 2017 
 - 26 Mar 2017
Ana Carolina Rodrigues, Christopher Taylor, and Krister Klassman are proud to present a new four-part annual project Seasons, at Maxilla Space. At the moment of each equinox the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to the Sun’s rays. On any...
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